Sertification in Russia
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Certification in Russia

Certification — is the process of conformity of production quality standards. According to Russian legislation, there are several government organizations controlling the certification process. Main Russian quality standards for products are GOST R, Technical regulations (including fire regulations) and sanitary-epidemiological norms.

Product conformity to GOST R or Technical regulations is confirmed by certification authorities, Compliance certificate or declaration of conformity are issued.

Compliance with the sanitary epidemiological standards is confirmed in Rospotrebnadzor Russian Federation, after confirmation a Certificate of registration is issued.

In 2010, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan made the Customs Union. On the territory of this union quality standards are the same. It possible to issue certificate that is valid on the territory of these countries. To confirm compliance with the standards GOST and Technical Regulations Customs Union Certificate may be issued.


Our company provides services in carrying out certification of products. With our help you will be able to issue all mandatory and voluntary documents to confirm compliance of your products with the quality standards.

Documents description

Below are photos and descriptions of documents

Mandatory Certificate of Conformity GOST R

Voluntary Certificate of Conformity GOST R

Fire safety Certificate

Certificate of Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Certificate of state registration